Our Story


BeBe Bold is very proud to be working with Japanese textiles companies Olympus Thread, Inazuma Bag Handles and Tulip Needles. 

Olympus Thread was established in 1908 and is based in Nagoya, specialising in yarn-dyed fabrics (sakizomemomen), traditional motif fabrics (takumi), shot cottons (tsumugi), sashiko, kogin, crochet and embroidery. Their products are uniquely made in Japan, resisting the push towards mass-produced goods to celebrate textiles of fine quality and distinct character. 

Inazuma Bag Handles based in Kyoto, has been in operation for three generations, a proudly family-based company it produces accessories in a wide variety of materials including rolls of bag tape, bag handles and straps, purse frames, buttons, zip-pulls and zippers. 

Tulip Needles continue with the three-hundred year old tradition in the Hiroshima region of needle-making and we stock their full-range including sashiko, beading, quilting, sewing, leather and milliners needles. These needles are renowned throughout Japan for their strength and flexibility, with Tulip Needles bearing a mark of quality assurance. 

The continuation of these companies in an increasingly mass-commercialised market is testament to their commitment to authenticity and quality in the materials they produce, their acknowledgement of tradition and their vision for their place in the future of textiles and craft.