The Blue and White Sashiko Drawstring Bag is designed by Jane MacDonald and includes comprehensive instructions.

25cm blue fabric for background (azumino momen #43)
25cm red fabric for lining (azumino momen #60)
25cm lightweight iron-on intergacing 
100m white sashiko thread 
Hera marker 
Fine line white washout marking pen (Clover) 
Sashiko Needle 
Sashiko Thimble 
1.5m x 3mm red waxed cotton cording divided into two lengths 
8 x metal koki 
Pair of pliers to attach metal koki to top of bag 
General sewing supplies that include a sewing machine, hand sewing needles, fabric scissors, cutting mat, rotary cutter and quilters ruler

Minimum 3 patterns

Blue and White Sashiko Drawstring Bag Pattern

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