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Kintaku is the Japanese word for purse.

History: Kogin Stitch was established by farmers in Tsugaru province during the Edo era.
Sakizomemomen (Piece dyed Fabric) was born in Mitsuki, Niigata, also during the Edo era.
Inspired by crafters and designs of that era, Olympus bring to you the "Craftmanship" series.


Details: 4 Elegant and practical purse and bag kits to chose from. Proudly made in Japan.

Kit contains: thread x 3, needle x1pk, cording, linen fabric for kogin, sakizomemomen fabric and

Finished size: 18cm x18cm x 3cm

Colour: choushuniro

Minimum Purchase: 3
** please note**  if less than 3 are chosen, this will be amended to bring it up to the minumum purchase. thank you


Kogin Kit - Kintyaku (purse) #93 "The Craftsman" series

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